APAC: Next Gen Data Centre Maintenance: All You Need to Know


As businesses evolve, so does the demands on the technology and IT we use in our infrastructure – they need to be efficient, resilient and agile to meet the demands of today’s fast paced world.

With IT infrastructures being critical to business operations, you need to be confident that your IT is fit for purpose, and in the event of system downtime, that you are up and running as fast as possible, which is why your maintenance strategy is a crucial component of your overall IT strategy. 

When the OEM warranty on your storage, server and networking hardware expires, what option do you take?

  • Do you extend the warranty for one year, accepting the OEM price hike for support? 
  • Or do you refresh the hardware, despite knowing that your existing hardware could be supported for many years, even beyond End of Service Life (EOSL)?
  • Do you leave your IT hardware unsupported, taking the risk that your own internal team may be able to resolve any issues?

What if there was a different way, a next-gen alternative to the usual traditional maintenance routes for your IT?

In this webinar we’ll let you know how you can do IT maintenance for storage, servers and networking hardware, differently with Park Place Technologies.  You’ll learn:

  • How you can use third-party maintenance as part of a strategic approach to making your IT more efficient and agile, irrespective of your IT environment.
  • How maintenance for your storage, servers and networking hardware can be monitored and automated, leaving you with one less task to think about.
  • How we have helped customers make strategic value-added decisions on their IT maintenance and how they have benefitted.
  • About our First-Time Fix Guarantee, giving you peace of mind, that we’ll fix your hardware right the first time – guaranteed!