DMSO Eliminates Data Center Outages in a Changing Landscape

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Global adversity has forced organizations to adjust IT strategies to ensure business moves forward and productivity remains at a high level, while preventing interruptions. Doing so takes a significant amount of work in a short period of time, and it forces many businesses to consider if it makes financial sense to upgrade their data centers. This trend doesn’t show any signs of stopping, and data center managers will need to further pivot to stay ahead of the curve and ensure their businesses are not negatively affected by service disruptions or a lack of visibility across the system.

Overall, the data center market should increase by nearly 14 percent in 2021, according to ABB’s report “Data Overload: Powering Data Centers in the New Normal.” This rebound makes sense when you consider how the pandemic impacted businesses in 2020 and the further, gradual push to switch to cloud compute and storage. However, despite the adjustments made in the past year,
there are differing opinions on how to deal with increased data use and a potential space crunch in the physical data center.

Specifically, 53 percent of data center managers noted they would consider upgrading their power system, while 49 percent would consider creating more data center space to meet the increasing demand for data. This isn’t a surprise, as 96 percent of those surveyed noted they experienced an increase in data center demand during 2020.