GigaOm Radar for Network Observability [REPORT]

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Park Place Technologies was named in the GigaOm Network Observability Radar Report as a “leader” and “fast mover” for its Entuity Software™ product.

“Network observability is a category of platforms and tools that go beyond device-centric network monitoring to provide truly relevant, end-to-end visibility and intelligence for all the traffic in your network, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or anywhere else,” as stated by GigaOm.

GigaOm continues, “This report looks at key vendors in the emerging network observability space and aims to equip IT decision-makers with the required information to select suitable providers according to their specific needs.” GigaOm analyzes the vendors on a set of key criteria and evaluation metrics.

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GigaOm network observability radar

GigaOm Network Observability Radar Report