Large North American Beverage Maker Extends Hardware Life

Case Studies

Large beverage maker faced a massive inventory of EOL equipment, and turned to Park Place Technologies for support.


Park Place Technologies’ relationship with this multi-million-dollar beverage maker has a several-year history of server and storage management. The relationship of the Park Place account manager has been key in solidifying the expansion of services.


The partnership recently expanded when the company underwent an extensive reorganization. Its OEM proved inflexible for covering End of Life equipment, but the beverage maker knew it had many years left on its massive IT inventory, so it began to look for hardware support beyond what the OEM could offer.


  • Extended life of server and storage equipment well beyond what the inflexible OEM would offer
  • 24/7/365 Global support
  • Access to global parts inventory
  • Service by an experienced team of engineers capable of maintaining a complex environment beyond what an in-house IT team could provide
  • 30-40% in cost savings
  • Flexible Support Options based on SLAs
  • Short-Term Support not found with the OEM

In addition to its long-term server and storage contracts, the beverage maker is taking full advantage of Park Place’s ClearView™ offering. The ClearView™ Assessment projects potential costs savings for maintenance considering a number of key factors including the customer experience, the hardware’s place in the workflow, compliance issues and associated risks. It also provides an objective recommendation on which devices should:

  • Stay with OEM support
  • Which should be moved to Park Place Hardware Maintenance support
  • Which are good candidates for NetSure+ support, which leverages customer-owned and entitled spares purchased by the customer through Cisco’s authorized VAR channel (and are 100% compliant with Cisco policies).

The ClearView contract analyzer is helping the beverage maker determine its support strategies, minimize risks and maximize savings.


Park Place Technologies values the relationships we have with all of our partners. Park Place can provide you with a wealth of resources to help your business:


The beverage maker recognizes that more and more services are being automated, and while exploring and looking to add and develop automated services to their own portfolio, they are keen to explore Park Place’s portfolio of automated services and managed services.

The company is committed to further expanding its relationship with Park Place and increasing support synergies by implementing Managed Services and Park Place’s Professional Service offerings, which include:

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