Navigating the Great Cloud Acceleration

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Is your organization hoping to avoid technology debt by pushing for a “cloud-first” or “cloud-native” environment?

navigating great cloud accelerationOver the past two years, the world has witnessed an accelerated cloud migration as enterprises aim to embrace the benefits of cloud technology. However, Computing points out that the, “rush to the cloud – often as matter of survival or transformation – has left many enterprises with difficulties, including security issues from poor configuration, inadequate monitoring, and an ongoing resource drain from constant troubleshooting.”

The original Computing research in this white paper, sponsored by Park Place Technologies, analyzes cloud journeys, the difficulties of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and pain points surrounding interoperability, management, and monitoring of IT environments. You will also learn about the IT skills gap and lessons from security oversights while considering how to migrate quickly without compromising on security requirements.

Some Key Findings

According to Computing

  • “93 percent of organizations are at least considering cloud transformation.”
  • “67 percent define their infrastructure model as ‘hybrid cloud’.”
  • “59 percent believe cloud adoption is key to their organization keeping pace with competitors.”
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