Network Monitoring Tools – Why You Need Them and How to Choose the Right Tool


For all businesses, making certain that the network is up, running, and supporting business services is beyond necessary – it’s the enabler of daily operations, from the productivity of staff to customer service. Employees and customers must have access to services, efficiency, and overall quality. This is especially relevant in today’s remote work-dominated environment, largely brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, every business needs tools that provide network status and keep services operating while ensuring sufficient capacity.

Choosing a network monitoring solution is an individualized process depending on your business needs, but the goal is the same: delivering a centralized, unified view of network services operations. Your network admins should be able to see the detailed activities of network operations from a holistic viewpoint and use a unified method for identifying anomalous events.

This webinar will cover the importance of Network Monitoring investment, the primary types of solutions in the market, important features, and how to prepare for the buying process:

  • Why Invest in Network Monitoring?
  • The Network Monitoring Market: Three Primary Types of Solutions
  • Network Monitoring Features Admins Can’t Do Without
  • How to Choose a Network Monitoring Tool