Optimizing Federal Data Centers through Third-Party Maintenance Providers

White Papers

The Need for Federal Data Center Optimization

“According to the Office of Management and Budget, federal agencies reported that they operated 432 data centers in 1998, 2,094 in July 2010, 5,607 in August 2016, and 5,916 in August 2018. Operating such a large number of centers has been, and continues to be, a significant cost to federal agencies.”

The Big Issue:

Federal Data Centers (FDCs) are essential to the day-to-day operations of Federal agencies and are in need of optimization. Optimization efforts can reduce operational costs and increase efficiency, saving taxpayer dollars and improving service delivery.

Why it Matters:

Efficient and effective operation of FDCs has never been more important. With remote work becoming the norm for many Federal employees, proper management of FDCs is critical. By considering third party IT hardware support for government agencies for FDC management, Federal agencies could see long-term savings. One such opportunity is Third-Party Maintenance (TPM).